A variety of package design work I created and assisted in as a Production Artist at Peachtree Playthings in Marietta, GA.
Peachtree Playthings owned a license for certain characters owned by Disney, which we were allowed to use for stationary items under Disney's style guidelines. All the designed created were then reviewed by Disney's brand ambassadors until a final design was agreed upon before being sent off to our printers. I enjoyed making colored pencils, notebooks and a stamp roller as seen above. This is a photo of the actual finished product, which is why it looks a little banged up.
The INC. stationary brand marketed toward kids from middle to high school. I assisted as a Production Artist with setting up packaging shown above in the existing style guidelines as well as toning the photos of the products.
Like the INC. brand shown above, the Colorland brand was marketed toward young children and I made packaging within existing style guidelines. Projects like these taught me a lot about testing and material standards, such as the ASTM information shown on the lower right, that also must be taken into account for the overall design.
A painting guide for the Colorland brand. This was a 2-sided sheet insert that accompanied the Colorland products. This was the most fun project I got to work on, because I was given a lot of freedom with the layout (while still beingĀ consistent with Colorland). I created the layout andĀ all the illustrations you see depicted in Adobe Illustrator.
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